Welcome to Saint Teresa's College

Saint Teresa's College Nsukka is a unique non-profit-making, comprehensive, co-educational boarding school established in 1948 to break new grounds in the area of facilitating and actualising the potential of its students. The major goal of STC is to equip its students, utilising its abundant facilities, with all they require to live a useful life in any part of the world. At Saint Teresa's College Nsukka, we learn together with respect and understanding. The Staff and Management are committed to providing a high quality of education for our students. Like parents, we want the very best for our children; because of this we insist on high standards of work and behaviour.

SSMS has really changed the way I look at people. I never knew my son could one day be this smart and bold. All along I had thought he was a dummy until I brought him to SSMS. Still wondering what magic they performed on him. I love SSMS.
(Mrs.) Joy Blaise